Comedy Can Be Murder

by Neil Ross
Ancient Athens. Up-and-coming comic playwright Aristophanes is accused of murdering his leading actor. With only his one-liners, his brilliant slave Jeevus, and the strong arm of the leggy Lysistrata, he must solve the murder, dodge arrows, and produce the first known comic masterpiece -- against the backdrop of an absurd war. Learn more...

I’d like to welcome you to a vehicle shamelessly promoting my debut eNovel 'Comedy Can Be Murder: An Aristophanes Murder-Comedy' by Neil Ross. Also, I’ll try to start a few discussions about whatever comes up: comedy, detective fiction, the Brothers Marx, their creative descendants, ancient Athens, the Peloponnesian War, the fab career of comedy’s first megastar, and the phenomenal rise to prominence of the wacky, informative, hysterical, historical eNovel series The Aristophanes Murder-Comedies by Neil Ross.

(WARNING: Site may also contain videos and animation of comic or historical nature. Some satire is anticipated.)

The site is geographically based in the Dominion of Canada. I apologize if some of this country’s subject matter raises its furry head and howls something self-effacing at the moon.

I suspect too -- as if the concept wasn’t wearing too many hats already while attempting to dance the can-can in Wellington boots -- we may venture from time to time into the dark, shady, lonely netherworld of publishing an eNovel.

But we'll start with some portraits of Professor Wagstaff's Ancient Athenian All-Stars.

(I’ll be lucky if I get to even a small amount of those topics! Man, when do the sales figures come up at Kobo? I’ve been published for more than twelve hours, haven’t I? I know at least one person bought it. I mean it would be cruel to lie about something like that, and we’re only talking four bucks. The waitress was impressed, that’s a good thing – it must be an interesting life being a model/ waitress. I still don’t think the cover’s quite finished! How can it be too big and too small? [Now fixed!] My livelihood is in the hands of a network of wires! I dreamed of publishing with McClelland and Stewart, Douglas & McIntyre, ECW, Penguin, Random House, Bodley Head. Instead: "Who’s your publisher?" “Ultron." Why am I writing jokes no one will ever read? Okay, now it must be thirteen hours since the book’s been online, right? [Sales since increased.])

To belie the lonely nature of the gig, I quote directly from the author’s Mini-Auto-Bio at the end of the book.

“I thank editor/formatter Cassandra Pollack, web designer/consultant Andrew St. Bernard, graphic artist Trevor Parkins-Sciberras, and readers/supporters Christopher Sears and Bob McKendrick. Their collective belief in this book led me to suspect it might be real.

“My profound thanks go to Kenner Ames who stepped in as choregos at a critical juncture. And Robert Hutton who lent support long distance on this and half a century of half-baked schemes. And all the other woodland creatures!”

That’s all for tonight/this morning. I end by paraphrasing (stealing) a closing line from Stan the Man Lee, the first writer whose work I bought with money I’d earned.

Excelsior, eh!